Managing COPD can feel impossible to your senior at first, especially if she’s engaging in a lot of habits that are working against her lung health. Getting her COPD under better control involves keeping a few things in mind.

Smoking Is a Big Problem

Many people with COPD are smokers or were smokers in the past. If your elderly family member is still smoking, it’s in her best interests to quit even though that’s a really difficult thing to do. Talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about the best ways to help her to reduce her dependence on smoking. Even cutting back is better than continuing to smoke.

Vaccinations Can Reduce Some Possible Complications

There is no cure or vaccination for COPD itself, but there are vaccines for flu and pneumonia and both of those serious illnesses bring a lot of complications for people who have COPD. Talk to your senior’s doctor about when it’s the best time for her to take those vaccines. It’s also a good idea for you to consider getting those inoculations yourself, to help prevent carrying the illnesses to your senior.

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Medication Compliance Is Really Important

Your senior’s doctor may have also prescribed medications for her to take to manage COPD symptoms. The majority of these medications are likely to be inhaled medications and each one has slightly different requirements. Taking these medications exactly as they are directed and at the times they’re recommended is really important.

Being More Active Does Need to Be on the List

It might sound counterintuitive but moving can help your elderly family member to keep her strength up as she battles COPD. The types of exercise she’s able to do now may be far simpler than what she’s done in the past, which can make her feel as if she’s not doing enough. Walking is a fantastic exercise for people with COPD because it helps to work all the major muscles, including the cardiovascular system.

Her Mood Definitely Impacts Her Health

Anxiety and low moods are a huge problem for people with COPD. The impact tends to form a vicious circle, in which your senior feels anxious about her breathing and then has more trouble breathing. Meditating and doing other activities that help her to balance her mood can definitely provide positive results.

Conservation of energy is a big factor in being able to live a full life with COPD. Home care providers can help your elderly family member to use her energy wisely.

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