Our Senior Resource Guide for Georgia provides links, statistics, and key information for seniors in Georgia and their caregivers.


Use our guide as a handy resource for county offices, other government agencies, and organizations for Alzheimer’s disease that offer services for older adults. 

Georgia Older Adults Statistics


Over 10,000 members of the baby boomer generation turned 65 today. That’s a trend that is expected to continue each day for the next 15 years. 


Here are some other interesting statistics about older adults in Georgia:



Here are some more statistics related to seniors living in Atlanta:



Choosing Elder Care in Georgia


Cost is a major factor when choosing elder care in Georgia. The following statistics will give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for senior care services:


  • The average rate for in-home care is $20.50 per hour, which is less than the national average of $22.50 per hour.

  • You can expect to pay about $1,435 every month for adult daycare which is lower than the national average of $1,625.

  • Assisted living costs average $3,335 which is less than the national average of $4,051.

  • Skilled nursing costs average around $7,148 monthly as compared with the national average of $8,517.    


Georgia Seniors Resource Directory

The following resources are available for Georgia residents:


  • Alzheimer's Association- GA Chapter - Provides care and support for all individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease or affected by it on global, national, and local levels. 



  • Department of Community Health (DCH) - Oversees the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP), Healthcare Facility Regulation, Health Information Technology, and is the lead agency for Medicaid to provide access to senior health care services. 


  • DHS Division of Aging Services (DAS) - Part of the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) which offers services and resources to assist older adults, at-risk adults, and individuals with disabilities along with their families and caregivers so they can live as safely and independently as possible. 




  • Georgia Long Term Care Ombudsman - An senior advocacy organization with the goal of improving the quality of life for individuals residing in Georgia long-term care facilities.


  • Georgia Senior Living Association - A nonprofit organization dedicated to senior living in Georgia with information for consumers of senior services. The organization covers a range of senior services from in-home services to assisted living. 


  • Good Pill Pharmacy - A nonprofit organization that provides affordable medications to those who have expensive medications to lessen the impact of copays and deductibles. Customers can expect to pay $6 for 90 days of most generic medications which helps cover the organization’s operating costs.  


  • Leading Age Georgia - A group that offers advocacy, education, and networking for senior services. Their goals are to provide quality housing, healthcare, and community-based services for seniors living in Georgia. 


While senior care services in Georgia are below the national average, they can be too inaccessible for many Georgia seniors. Our senior resources guide gives you a wealth of resources and information to ease the path of attaining senior care services regardless of your income.