Does your elderly loved one have sundowners syndrome? If so, they may have a range of symptoms from mild to severe. If you are a family caregiver of someone with sundowners syndrome, it is important to know what could make your loved one’s symptoms worse. The more that you know about this condition, the more you can work with senior care providers to make the symptoms more manageable for your loved one.

Too Much Activity Late in the Day

One of the things that could make sundowners syndrome worse is for your elderly loved one to have too much activity later in the day. What is your elderly loved one doing in the evenings? Are they having too many visitors? Is there a lot of activity going on in the house? These things could be causing them to have a worsened mental state. However, you and the senior care providers can work to make the house quieter and more calming. This could help to reduce the symptoms that your elderly loved one has.

Unfamiliar Environments

People with sundowners syndrome don’t usually do well in places they aren’t familiar with. For instance, if you take your elderly loved one to a hotel that they haven’t been to often, this could cause their symptoms to be worse. If you must take your elderly loved one someplace with you that they aren’t familiar with, bring things from their home to make them more comfortable. This could be their favorite outfit, a nighttime robe, or a blanket they use every night.

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Not Having Enough Light

As the day nears the end, it gets darker. This reduces the amount of natural light in your elderly loved one’s home. When this happens, shadows can appear throughout the house. This can scare your elderly loved one and make the symptoms of their sundowners syndrome worse. It is important for you or the senior care providers to make sure there is enough light in the home. You can put nightlights in the hallways and in your elderly loved one’s bedroom. There should also be nightlights in the bathroom and kitchen, as well.


There are various things that could make your elderly loved one’s sundowners syndrome symptoms worse. You have read about some of these things here today. If you and your loved one’s senior care providers can make a plan to help prevent these things from happening, you can possibly help to keep your loved one’s symptoms manageable.


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