Every year, 2.8 million older adults fall and end up seeking medical care as a result. Some of these falls are preventable. Learn more about these four things that increase the risk of falls in the elderly.


Blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and prescription pain relievers are some of the medications that cause side effects like dizziness and sleepiness. Those medications can increase the risk of a fall.

Stopping medications isn’t advised. Your parents may need to talk to their doctors about equally effective medications with fewer side effects. Otherwise, they should have someone around to help them when the medication begins to take effect.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Aching joints and muscles increase the risk of falls. Your mom is walking up the stairs and her knee has a painful twinge that leads to her losing her balance. Your dad’s calf muscle tightens up and he can’t support his weight while he’s walking to the kitchen. These are both examples of how pain can lead to a fall.

If arthritis pain is a problem, your parents should talk to their doctor. Staying active helps keep it from worsening. Pain medications and hot/cold pads also help alleviate pain and inflammation. If it gets worse, the doctor may recommend prescription medications or surgical interventions.

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Ill-Fitting Shoes

Shoes that are too tight or too loose can lead to a fall. Your parents want shoes with good arch support that fit well without pinching, which will lead to blisters and foot pain. Shoes that are too wide or long will slip and increase the risk of a fall.

If they’re not sure what size they really wear, go to a shoe store that has free fittings. Remember that different brands may not fit the same. Once they find a brand that fits well and offers the support they need, they should stick to that brand.

Dizziness From Inner Ear Infections

An inner ear infection can create dizziness that leads to a fall. The condition is known as labyrinthitis and often resolves itself in a matter of weeks. In the meantime, the dizziness and feeling that the room is spinning make walking riskier unless help is nearby.

When medication side effects, joint pain, and chronic health conditions make falls more likely, make sure your parents are never alone. Senior care services provide them with caregivers who can help with ambulation, household chores, transportation, and bathing. Call a senior care agency to discuss the ways caregivers can help lower the risk of a fall.


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