One of the most significant challenges that came with the pandemic was people not knowing or understanding who would be affected next. While people of all ages were getting sick, there was enough evidence stating that there were chances that the older people in society would not recover from the pandemic. Everyone had to take precautions around older people to keep them safe.

Traveling to hospitals was also challenging during the pandemic, with everyone staying indoors, only traveling in case of an emergency. We were working on providing medical assistance to people by traveling to their houses to keep them safe and healthy through the pandemic.

We were ideally working with older people because they needed a lot more than individual check-ups and recurring follow-up visits. Depending on the person we were visiting, we had to create a schedule and stick to it. Additionally, we were adapting to the changes that came with the Coronavirus, making sure that the people we were meeting were safe. Furthermore, we were using masks, hand sanitizers, and maintaining a social distance not to infect anyone or the others in the houses that we visited.

We were not sure about the changes that would take place over the next couple of months, but if we were to predict them, we are only looking for the opportunity to assist and help more people who are in need. We hope that the drug, easing up on restrictions, allows us to serve more clients in the comfort of their homes. Currently, we are struggling to get through the process with COVID-19 disrupting our business operations and giving us limited interaction with seniors and the disabled.

Our whole purpose as a company is to spend time with people and not only work on giving them their medication and walking out. Some of the more significant changes we were getting through were less in-person contact and more phone calls. To prevent the spread of the virus and reduce the fear that people had about interacting with one another, which could cause people to catch the virus, we were not meeting people and coordinating as much as we could over the phone. In some cases, the situation did not need medical assistance, and they could solve it themselves, which was positive.

For the most part, we were working from an office space. However, we would visit the people we were working with when we had to administer their medication because that seemed like a smart approach to the situation. There were a few challenges when it came to working from an office, and the most significant ones were maintaining infection control procedures. We had to make sure we were getting a team to clean and sanitize the office regularly and that they disinfected the place with aerosol. Additionally, we had to make sure we were following the mask mandates and maintaining social distance, which was another challenge. There were rules about the number of people who could come into the office at a time, and we had to coordinate meetings so that others were not waiting for their turn. Finally, we had to follow temperature checks, to make sure everyone was healthy before they came to the office. We did not make any changes to the time that we were working. If anything, during the pandemic, we were getting more done because we were working remotely, which was otherwise quite challenging.

With the company handling most of the work in person, we did not need a dedicated and protected server. We were not coordinating any information that had to be greatly protected, but we made sure that we were sending out secure emails and coordinating over phone or text and Whatsapp. However, most of the work that we handled was done in person. 

With a majority of the work that we handle done in person, there was not much that we could work on remotely. We were always open to in-person meetings, following the rules that the Government raised. We were making sure that we did not have health issues when meeting others during a national lockdown. We were seeing clients in person, and they were following the rules laid out. Additionally, we would travel to clients’ homes, social distancing, and wear masks to make sure everyone felt safe. Some clients could not meet us but had to have video calls with us, and they would coordinate these through Zoom, which was now our platform of choice. We also want to partake in virtual public events and business Expos because it would better equip us to assist others and receive a broader reach in these remote and digital times.

While spending that much time at home, I got the opportunity to see others and how they were going through and dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, which showed me the value of the services I provided.

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